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Budget Guard

A typical customer will buy 75% of the fuel they use in one year in just 5 months. And for many customers those deliveries come around the holiday season when household finances are stretched thin. So, why not enjoy lower, predictable winter heating bills by joining the Ingram Fuels Budget Guard Program.

Our Budget Guard plan keeps your bills as low and predictable as possible. We provide an 11 month payment program that allows you to spread out your heating costs. Oil Budget customers who have their payments up to date at the time of an oil delivery will receive a special discount.

Budget Plan is also available for Propane customers, however, no extra discount is available.

Our Budget Guard payments will begin August 10, and end June 10. Payments are based on previous usage history with a minimum of 350 heating oil gallons or 450 propane gallons.


With this program you will pay for all your heating fuel or propane gallons before winter even starts. So, no worrying about sending in a monthly payment...it's all taken care of before the cold weather even begins. Now, it's true you would be giving a us a large amount of money to hold for you, but the advantages to this action are well worthwhile and the piece of mind in knowing it's all taken care of is priceless.

Heating Oil PreBuy customers will receive a 15 cent per gallon discount off the cash price at time of delivery. That's right 15 cents...that is a huge savings!

Propane PreBuy customers will receive a 5 cent per gallon discount off the cash price at time of delivery. Definitely a discount you shouldn't miss out on.

The PreBuy discount will last until the monies sent in by program closing deadline have been used or the program end date has been reached.

If you think our money savings PreBuy Program is for you, call our office for sign up details.

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